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Manual handling; this does not mean,
to pick up the heaviest, book you’ve seen,
and, did you ever hear a funny crack,
about the pain, of a damaged back?

To lift correctly, is the certain way,
to ensure you can do it, again next day!
It needn’t be, of cause for concern,
all you have to do….is learn.

Lift only within, your capability,
align your back; bend at the knee,
keep your back, quite firm and straight,
it’ll make a difference, you’ll appreciate.

Could anyone assist? for, it is true,
for a task like this, it’s better with two.
Get a good grip; is your way now clear?
and, to rest mid-way, is a good idea.


if there’s several loads, and they weigh a ton,
frequent, and smaller, is better than one.

Poems by: Sharon Wadsley