cdmThe Construction (Design and Management) Regulations have been around for 21 years and have gone through a number of developments commencing with CDM 1994, then 2007, and now CDM2015 which came into full effect in October 2015.

A New role called “Principal Designer” has been introduced in the 2015 version and when applied correctly will play a pivotal health and safety management role within the construction project team, involving designers and a Principal Contractor.

The Principal designer role is new and any one undertaking this role must be competent do so, competent by way of their Construction industry experience allied to a recognised health and safety qualification such as the NEBOSH Construction certificate or greater.

The Principal Designer is responsible for:

  • Advising the Client on general design and Construction matters and specifically health and safety issues to be managed during the pre construction phase of the project and also further considered during the construction phase to project completion.
  • He/ she shall provide pre construction health and safety information to all members of the project design and construction team.
  • Arranging for and Managing the pre construction phase of the project
  • Ensure that designers are fulfilling g their responsibilities under CDM to provide a design that can be constructed as safely as possible- will function without undue risk to the users and can also be maintained safely.
  • He/ She is responsible for ensuring effective co-ordination and communication between members of the design team.
  • A Principal Designer must be appointed for all projects where 2 Contractors or more will be engaged to carry out work.

At Compass HSC Ltd we have the necessary skills, expertise, and practical experience of both the Construction industry hazards and risks and how to ensure that a construction/ demolition project meets with the new requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

For over 20 years we have been involved as project Managers, Construction Managers, Planning Supervisors and CDM Co-ordinators in all types of construction projects, from the small and simple to major multi-million pound construction projects.

Our Clients come from a diverse range of Industries including, Nuclear, petro –chemical, Local Authority, NHS.

If you are looking for a Principal Designer, or assistance with undertaking the role of Principal Designer please get in touch.

For full details on the role of Principal Designer click here